Saturday, February 15, 2014

ARCHITECTURE PROJECT - due Wednesday 26th

Hey guys,

Well done for picking it up at the end of this project. You responded to our moans like professionals and have some excellent work... You just need to finish off effectively to make it really great and bag the top marks.

See previous post for halfway checklist.

Following that you should have designed, developed and produced a final outcome. This should include:

- Design sketches/ideas
- At least 3 pieces of research into relevant designers/artists for you.
- Responses to research.
-Development of visuals working towards your outcome. This should be exploring various materials and techniques and should be rich with experiments and imaginative visuals. (15 pages).
-  One well resolved and accomplished outcome presented professionally.

Your evaluation should be word-processed and be between 500 & 800 words in length. Please discuss anything you feel was significant to your work in this project, but ensure you cover the following points:

·       Describe how you gathered source imagery for the project, how successful were your drawings and photos? What did you see in your images that you thought had potential for development into substantial 2D or 3D work.
·       How did you go about developing your imagery? What techniques and materials did you use? How successful were these experiments? Did your printmaking and collage work help you to reach your final outcomes?
·       Describe your outcome, discuss their formal elements such as composition, technique, use of colour and format, layout etc. Do you consider your outcome successful? Discuss its strengths and weaknesses.
·       What Architects and Artists work did you research during the project? Were any of these particularly helpful in providing ideas/inspiration for your own work? Identify the aspects of Artists/Architects work that you found helpful or interesting.
·       How well do you think you worked in this project overall? Did you manage your time effectively? Suggest improvements you might have made to your approach. Did you enjoy the project, if not suggest changes that might have made the project more enjoyable.

Including photos of your final piece in your book alongside your evaluation is helpful.

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