Monday, March 24, 2014

Impossible dreams homework checklist

1 - Produce 4 pages of mood boards exploring your possible dream visually. Don't be obvious! Think laterally, imaginatively and creatively when sourcing visuals.

2- Research and analyse an advertising campaign. Use the questions on the brief to help.

3 - Produce one Photo shoot to get visuals for your photography based poster

4 - Finish some of the collage type faces started in class and scan in.

5 - Research typefaces from Show examples of the work in your sketchbook and analyse. Why do you like them? How are they successful? Use the analysis worksheet to help.

6 - Collect objects to make type out of in lesson time. Food? Nuts bolts? Clock parts? sweets? Be imaginative!

7 - Get sketchbooks completely up to date for a crit on Tuesday 25th March.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Beggars banquet homework checklist

You should have all of these Homeworks complete, only a few weeks left until this project is due:

- 3 double page spreads of mood boards exploring ideas surrounding the Beggars Banquet and sustainability etc.

- Research 5 posters that inspire you. Use the analysis work sheet to analyse the posters and explain why you like them. Refer to type, colour, scale, concept, layout etc.

- Produce 6 detailed sketches of your poster ideas.

- Produce mock ups of your poster ideas and sketches using Google images and Photoshop. 

- At least 2 effective photo shoots, contact sheets printed, best photographs printed larger and presented appropriately.

- Research 10 logos that inspire you, explain what you like, what's successful. COMPARE the logos to each other.

- Produce 15 varying Logo ideas sketched out in your sketchbooks. 

- Research and compare 2 advertising campaigns. See brief for questions to answer.

- Finish brainstorm on guerilla advertising and sketch out and annotate at least 6 ideas.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Beggars Banquet work due for thursday

hey guys

This weeks Homework is to research and compare two guerilla adverts. I've seen all the ones on google search 'guerilla adverts' so dig deeper!

Answer the following Questions:

What is guerilla advertising?
What different techniques are used in the examples you have looked at?
How do they appeal to different target audiences?
Are they effective? Which one is most effective? Why?
Could these techniques be applied to the Beggars Banquet? How?

Due for Thursday.

Impossible dreams HW due for Thursday

Hey guys

Homework is to research 2 type posters and  2 creative type faces analyse answering the following questions.

See the following websites for some good examples:

Answer the following questions within your analysis:

Who designed it? 
Whats appealing about the typeface/poster? Colour / materials / scale / layout / letter-forms etc.
What is/could the typeface/poster be used for?
How could you use similar techniques within your own work.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hey guys

This week you should be producing experimental collage in response to designers Hannah Hoch, Eduardo Recife and Martin O'neill. Lot's of you have already done this research so you should be producing a variety of responses, not just one - Study the illustrators work closely before jumping in.

Use photocopies of your gold card and photography
pens, pencils for lines and scribbles
coloured paper
and anything else that will add interest to your pieces.

You will be using these within your mixed media poster so be sure they are advertising your Impossible Dream effectively and communicating the right message.

You probably noticed HW didn't upload to the blog last week (yay for you!) so i hope this week off has allowed you to catch up with all other HW's.

See you all Thursday!!