Friday, March 21, 2014

Beggars banquet homework checklist

You should have all of these Homeworks complete, only a few weeks left until this project is due:

- 3 double page spreads of mood boards exploring ideas surrounding the Beggars Banquet and sustainability etc.

- Research 5 posters that inspire you. Use the analysis work sheet to analyse the posters and explain why you like them. Refer to type, colour, scale, concept, layout etc.

- Produce 6 detailed sketches of your poster ideas.

- Produce mock ups of your poster ideas and sketches using Google images and Photoshop. 

- At least 2 effective photo shoots, contact sheets printed, best photographs printed larger and presented appropriately.

- Research 10 logos that inspire you, explain what you like, what's successful. COMPARE the logos to each other.

- Produce 15 varying Logo ideas sketched out in your sketchbooks. 

- Research and compare 2 advertising campaigns. See brief for questions to answer.

- Finish brainstorm on guerilla advertising and sketch out and annotate at least 6 ideas.

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