Monday, March 24, 2014

Impossible dreams homework checklist

1 - Produce 4 pages of mood boards exploring your possible dream visually. Don't be obvious! Think laterally, imaginatively and creatively when sourcing visuals.

2- Research and analyse an advertising campaign. Use the questions on the brief to help.

3 - Produce one Photo shoot to get visuals for your photography based poster

4 - Finish some of the collage type faces started in class and scan in.

5 - Research typefaces from Show examples of the work in your sketchbook and analyse. Why do you like them? How are they successful? Use the analysis worksheet to help.

6 - Collect objects to make type out of in lesson time. Food? Nuts bolts? Clock parts? sweets? Be imaginative!

7 - Get sketchbooks completely up to date for a crit on Tuesday 25th March.

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