Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Beggars Banquet Homework due for Tuesday

Graphics 2nd years:

Hey guys - You should have a poster finished for the first Monday back including your own photo shoot and visuals and type. We are just over half way through the project now so need to be sure this is done. You should have 1 soft back sketchbook complete by now. Having an outcome without the sketchbook work to back it up counts for very little - I need to see all development and how you got there.

Over the half term you should research 10 varying logos that could inspire your own. Annotate the found logos explaining why they are effective. Produce 10 varying logo ideas of your own and draw in detail your final logo ready to produce on illustrator on your first day back.

There will be a halfway assessment on the first Thursday back where i will be assessing where you are at and sending images of work to The Beggars Banquet so they can also get an idea of where you are individually and start getting an idea of potential winners.

See you soon!!

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