Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Impossible dreams evaluation guidelines.

  1. We produced the evaluation in class on the final day. If you missed that, heres a helping hand: Please use the words and sentence 'help' from the analysis work sheet (posted earlier) to be sure you are talking about the right stuff. This is VERY important with final grading.....

    Who or what has inspired you for this project? Consider designers, adverts, fellow students, films. Please evaluate and say why these people have affected you. What specifically has changed your work. Illustrate your answers.

  1. How have you used the research to develop this project? What campaigns did you think were most appropriate/useful, with reasons why?

  1. How did you generate ideas, what techniques did you use (group work, looking at books, brainstorms etc). Which techniques where effective and why?

  1. Which impossible dream did you choose and why? What concept did you use to sell this impossible dream? Why was it successful/wasn’t it successful?

  1. Was your photo shoot successful? (lighting/models/quality/location). Did the final images communicate your idea? Did it work within a poster format? Why?

  1. What colours, typefaces, images, drawings did you use within your three posters? Why did you use these? What tone/emotion did it create? How did it communicate to your target audience? Go through each poster separately and explain. Illustrate!

  1. How has Photoshop helped to create your posters? How did it develop final outcomes (consider scale, layout, colour, text, image)?

  1. What problems have you had to overcome technically and creatively. Please illustrate.

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