Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Beggars Banquet Checklist

You should have completed all of the research from the Homework set for this project (see earlier blog post). This is your final major project so on top of this research you should have at least 3 of your own self initiated pieces of research, analysed with the words from the Analysis work sheet. Be sure to make comparisons between your work and a designers work.

Mood boards and found visuals:
You should have 4-6 pages of mood boards and diverse inspiring imagery within your sketchbook.

You should have several very thorough brainstorms developing concepts fpr this project / strap line... tonnes of words across the pages of your brainstorms. I don't want just a few!

Sketches: You should have sketched out your best ideas into posters, made mock ups of your leaflets etc. These should be annotated with arrows and appropriate vocabulary being used.

Initial designs:
You should mock your initial designs up using google images or initial photographs yo may have taken.

Photo shoots:
You should complete one, ideally two photo shoots for this project, contact sheets printed and best photographs selected and printed larger.

Experimental imagery:
Using drawing, and various techniques and materials, experimental and imaginative visuals should be produced in development for posters etc.

Imaginative type face research and development using computers and hand rendered techniques.

You should have developed an interesting logo for the project. At least 20 sketches and then several variations developed and produced multiple times until a final logo is produced.

Final Poster / Final leaflet / Final guerilla advertising concept visualised. These should be presented in a very sophisticated way within sketchbooks. Printed on good paper, trimmed, or for the leaflets little pockets made in a sketchbooks if necessary. Not just pritt sticked in!

600 word evaluation.

This should fill a couple of sketchbooks, busy full pages all thoroughly annotated.

This project is the difference between getting the best grades for your final mark. There is lots of potential distinctions in the class so really push it. An hour each day will get it looking pretty amazing.

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